DWLLRS’ “Things We Don’t Talk About” is the Heartfelt Song You Need to Hear

Ian Tsang

California based indie-pop duo, DWLLRS, are back with their latest heartbreak anthem. “Things We Don’t Talk About” is an immediate contradiction: opening with a deep-dive into the mutualistic personalities of the plagued individual.

“This is the happiest I’ve been,

This is the saddest that I’ve felt.

I wanna fall in love again,

I wanna be all by myself.”

Playing a melancholic guitar lead, DWLLRS immediately sets the tone for the track. The duo, composed of Bren Eisman and Joey Spurgeon, soulfully combine relatable lyrics with instrumentalism – sure to resonate with the average listener. For the two, it delves into the toxicity that is bipolar disorder, and the struggles which ensue when entering/leaving a relationship. It’s a perfect representation of the title track – our darkest thoughts which become the “Things We Don’t Talk About.”

DWLLRS is surely on the verge of a breakthrough. While still relatively early in their careers, their skills for producing catchy, relatable music has led to their early success: their debut track, “And Then We’ll Be Alright,” has already amassed over two million streams. But now, “Things We Don’t Talk About,” shows potential to surpass their first single, potential to become their most streamed song to date. Dive in below:

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