E the Profit’s “J Randle,” Showcases Why He Belongs with The Big Names

Ian Hansen

The raw rapping abilities and brash nature Kentucky native, E the Profit brings to the table separates him from many. His recent single, “J Randle” is just that – a boisterous banger that leaves me wanting more.

The track starts with this eerie high-pitched melody that foreshadows what is to come. The beat drops and E the Profit’s flows take the stage. He finds the perfect balance of talking about his lavish lifestyle and confidence while still staying true to his roots. It’s not just his flows that intrigue me, it’s also his raspy vocal delivery that takes every track of his to another level.

Kentucky has made its mark in the industry as of late with the likes of Jack Harlow and EST Gee blowing up the charts. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Kentucky got another one. While he hasn’t quite hit the mainstream, it won’t be long before we see E the Profit’s name in the charts.

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