Beat The Winter Blues With EJ Worland Latest Release “Shining Bright”

Emma Neveux

It’s November. It’s dark at 5pm – and even here in sunny Los Angeles, we’re starting to feel the gloomy clouds weighing on our heads. No better buzzkill right? The transition from the fun long days of careless summer to the short darker days of the fall have finally settled in and I think we deserve a little mood booster to get us to the finish line of this long year. While I’m not the best at following my own advice, I think I’m pretty good at giving some - at least from public opinion feedback. So hear me out on this one: I have just found your new favorite track to blast out in your car on your way back from that long day of work. Get excited please.

The Australian singer/songwriter, EJ Worland is back after his last acclaimed album release in 2021, with a track that’s about to get you out of that funk you’re in. You know the one that made you scroll down so much out of boredom that you ended up here. Well everything happens for a reason, and this one is a good one. 

“Shining Bright” is definitely a signature track of EJ Worland, bringing in his unique Australian twist on vintage American soul. The track echoes the soulful sounds of the early 70’s and honors the iconic styles of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. The blend of his mesmerizing rock and funk influenced vocals top off energetically the instrumental groovy base that keeps evolving throughout the track with upbeat percussions. The heat of his energy is exponential while caressing a vintage soulful rhythm. It’s a motivational anthem for you to kick-off the new year with thrill and aspirations. I also like to see it as the kick in the butt you’ve been waiting for every time that caffeine intake drops.

I dare you to tell me that his energy is not contagious, or in case you don't agree, I would advise you to consider changing your job or lifestyle – because no one should be that down, even during the November funk.

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