Elmiene’s 'Marking My Time' is a Deeply Soulful and Melodic Must Listen [EP Review]

Milly Wensley

If you’re a fan of deeply soulful and melodic R&B, then Elmiene simply has to be on your radar. The 22-year-old London-based singer has been making a buzz in the music community for the past few years. You may be familiar with some of his most popular tracks such as “Golden” which was selected as the soundtrack to Virgil Abloh’s final Louis Vuitton show, or “Mad At Fire” which currently sits at over 2 million Spotify streams. Regardless of how well you do or don’t know Elmiene’s music, his latest EP Marking My Time is a must-listen with something for everyone.

The tape begins with the track “Remember” instantly captivating with dynamic production and raw vocals. We then transition into “Mama” one of my personal favourites on the EP, produced by Sampha – you can hear the emotion in this track. The deep commanding tone of Elmiene’s smooth vocals is mesmerizing. Next on the tracklist is “Mad At Fire” the single that amounted to huge success prior to being on the tape. To no surprise, this single is a product of a deeply talented collaboration between Elmiene, Syd (The Internet) as co-writer, and Lil Silva as producer.

The second half of the track list consists of the focus track “Someday”, the title track “Marking my Time”, and “Diane”. “Someday” is my favourite on the EP, it plays with a slightly more upbeat production than a majority of the tape and almost crosses over into the world of melodic hip-hop. Elmiene’s vocals and versatility truly shine on this track his voice pairs perfectly with the instrumentally influenced beat. The title track “Marking My Time” speaks to the overall theme of this EP, Elmiene views this project as a way of making a checkpoint for himself. A body of work to reflect on and see exactly what he was experiencing in life and his career at this time. Closing off the EP is “Diane,” a deep yet soft piece of work that feels gentle as you listen.

Overall, Marking My Time is one of the best things we’ve seen contributed to R&B this year across all levels of artists. It comes just in time for autumn, Elmiene’s sound has been described as “glazes over you like a sunny autumn afternoon” which I strongly second. I’d suggest listening whilst on a walk outside, with the sun shining and the air crisp. It’s something to relax to and appreciate. Additionally, if you’re reading from New York City or Los Angeles, I highly recommend seeing these songs performed live at Elmiene’s upcoming US shows in November!  

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