Artist Spotlight: Emilee

Perry Avgerinos

Meet the singer, influencer, and TikTok star who is widely recognized by her viral videos singing and playing the guitar to her massive audience— Emilee. Although better known as Emilee on stage, the 19 year old representing Batesville, Arkansas, a small town of just about 10,000 people, is manifesting her career through unforeseen methods.

It's no wonder she's accumulated over 560k followers on TikTok with her crisp, powdery vocals, gently floating over her delicate bedroom acoustic riffs. Not only catching the attention of the incessantly uncharted audience of the popular content-creation app, her voice also caught the ears of Spotify playlist curators, with her single "High Hopes" landing on the "Fresh Finds" playlist. Little did she realize, she would also find her future husband, @edgarsandovaljr a viral TikToker and recording artist, hand picked for the same playlist just two songs above hers around the same time.

What started as a friendly DM from Edgar to self-promote, turned into a legitimate online-converted-real life relationship, which became even more true when Edgar proposed to Emilee. Set to tie the knot in June, the influencer power couple are continuing their successes independently, mapping out the road to their future together as well as their continued ensuing impacts on the music industry.

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