Emma Zander Starts a New Chapter with Single “Like Myself”

Kieran Kohorst

So much is made about feeling lost in today’s constantly-moving world. If you ask Emma Zander, it is this confusion that leads to self-defining clarity. “I had to get lost / but maybe I don’t want to be found,” she celebrates on the hook of her latest single, “Like Myself," in which she shares her own story of self-love. Included in her journey is going to concerts alone, dancing in her own arms, and abandoning the connection she has with her phone, all seemingly torturous experiences that instead led to ultimate empowerment for Zander. “I wrote the song I needed to hear. Relationships come and go, but it’s you & you until the bitter end,” she says of the substance of the track. While an incredibly personal sentiment, Zander’s performance is enough to inspire others to undertake a similar revelation. 

While “Like Myself” introduces a new, more independent evolution of Zander, it is far from her introduction to listeners or viewers alike. You are just as likely to see her on your TV screen as you are to hear her on the radio, captivating audiences no matter the medium. Along with appearing on popular shows 13 Reasons Why and Gentefied, Zander stars in her own music videos, illustrating her lyrics with equal acting talents. Her music video for 2019’s “Bad Dreams” is the most elaborate to this point, featuring orchestrated choreography and co-starring Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi. In 2017, Zander featured on Bryce Vine’s “Bella," currently registering 29 million Spotify streams. In light of all of these accomplishments, “Like Myself” indicates that Zander’s brightest days still lie ahead of her.

The song, guitar-driven and lyrically rich, is accompanied by a music video that again places Zander in the middle of the narrative. Parading through LA bars and restaurants with a new-found confidence, her self-love radiates through the screen. The video concludes just as it is meant to, with Zander content in her own presence. “At the end of the day, I know I can only truly rely on ME,” she proclaims. “After all - nobody fucks with me like myself.”

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