estée Displays Angelic Vocals in New Single, "twenty eight"

Taylor Contarino

Estée Evangeline is a lyric-loving singer-songwriter who was raised in Australia. Estée is Filipino-Chinese and born in Borneo before moving to Australia. Her indie-style music is as captivating as her aura, and today, she is releasing “twenty eight,” a brand new gem on top of her previous array of singles, which include “be my somebody new,” “Fifth Time,” “Babylon,” and “Sleep Alone.”

From the get-go, Estée’s newest single, “twenty eight,” gives off an incredibly warm and upbeat feeling that perfectly works to convey feelings of love, authenticity, and emotion. It’s the type of song where you can almost feel the smile and joy in the singer’s voice - her passion is obvious, and this song is truly a game changer when it comes to Estee’s ever expanding discography.  When prompted about the song's meaning, Estée describes that “twenty eight” refers to “the really simple aspects of being in love, and just the feeling of love itself- whether romantic or platonic. Love is just really easy to write about because it’s such a universal feeling and I wanted to write about love in its purest, most wholesome form.”

Naturally, “twenty eight” evokes feelings of endearment and adoration - leading listeners to reminisce on past infatuations and lovers, while dreaming of love, joy, and all of the warm, passionate colors associated with euphoric happiness. The indie-pop goddess is visibly (and audibly) on the verge of something beautiful, much like the sunsets she describes in her newest song” twenty eight” which drops this Friday, November 5th, 2021.

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