Faerybabyy’s Authenticity Shines on Her Incredible 'Lucky Star' EP [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

Faerybabyy is one of the most genuine new artists I've come across. She stays true to her artistic vision not just through her visual style, but also in the raw, real feel of her music. Her latest release, the Lucky Star EP, is a perfect example of how she makes music that reflects her current emotions. It’s a post-punk project done just right.

The title track, “lucky star,” grabbed me instantly. The guitars fit perfectly behind her vocals, which are filtered to bring out all the emotion. Her harmonizing on this track got me hyped for the entire EP. Then there’s “rosalia,” featuring Mica and Sinnerella. This one’s an uptempo banger that makes you want to jump into a mosh pit and go wild. The third single, “my life’s a movie (derogatory),” has mesmerizing guitar riffs that her voice flows over effortlessly.

The EP kicks off with “orange soda,” which might be my favorite. Her lyrics are sharp, and the song mixes an experimental, gritty feel with a dreamy vibe that I can’t stop listening to. Her music video of the track captures the essence of her authenticity as well.  Another standout is “nightmares,” which feels perfect for live shows. The uptempo guitar melodies and her haunting, yet beautiful vocals make it unforgettable. The track “be my lover” captures the vibe of this project perfectly, and that is the feeling of wanting to speed down a highway at night or surf waves in the Pacific.

Overall, Faerybabyy nails it with this EP. Each song fits together seamlessly but has its own unique touch of grungy paradise. She’s a rising star because she’s unapologetically herself, making some of the most authentic music out there.

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