Artist Spotlight: Fiji Blue

Joe DelloStritto

Valentin Fritz and Trevor Dering may be the only artist duo that can turn a sad song into a dance party. The two Boston natives moved to LA in 2018 to establish Fiji Blue and have been mixing lo-fi house production with R&B soul ever since. Vulnerable lyricism atop unhurried electro-dance tracks has loosely placed the duo in the “sad boy” pop world, fueling their Spotify monthly listeners to over a million.⁣

Their most recent release, “Waves,” is as wavy as the name suggests. Reflecting on their relationships, Fiji Blue ponders where the good times go when you fall out of love. Fixating between hopeful and nostalgic, this downtempo track is equal parts addictive and introspective. Within the song, Fiji Blue thoughtfully sings, “It’s a beautiful morning, don’t throw it away / If I gave you the sunset, you’d wish for the rain.”

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