Fiji Blue Drift through Sin City in "95 at Night" Lyric Video [Premiere]

Perry Avgerinos

As serene as their name suggests, our friends Fiji Blue make their return to Sheesh today, hauling their pulsing 4-on-the-floor atmospheric rhythms with them. Mixing groovy uptempo production with worldly vocals, the fathers of "Sad Boy Chill House" debut their self shot and edited lyric video for "95 at Night," off their newly released EP, Reasons You Should Care.

With every Fiji Blue track, it feels like you are taking a voyage to a private island, with Trevor Dering and Valentin Fritz as your captains steering you to shore. Equal parts uplifting and nostalgic, "95 at Night" uses spacious sound design, a gliding bassline, and a captivating vocal tone, to properly set the pace of this excursion. This time, the boys take a trip to Las Vegas, the perfect place to get lost in the hazed in moments of a great night.

Self filmed on an older camcorder, the duo reveal themselves celebrating good company, as well as Trevor's birthday in the city that never sleeps. Complimenting the uncertainty embedded within the song's lyrics, Fiji Blue ride the vibrations of the present moment, allowing the night to take control. Seen cracking smiles, and full of positivity, "95 at Night" helps wrap up the chapter that makes up Reasons You Should Care, mixing heartfelt lyricism with the lost love and sadness that ultimately resolves itself through each listener's unique journey of finding happiness. Get lost in the night with the Fiji Blue boys below.

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