5 Songs To Soundtrack Your Next Summer Getaway

Olive Soki

Metropolitan scenes are fun. Always bursting with energy and filled with people to see, places to be. But sometimes in the midst of all the action, you can still get that faint call for normalcy. When the sea, or the country — whichever is the closest to you —  is calling, the only thing to do is pack your bags, a couple of friends, and go. Here to provide you with a list of songs to either soundtrack your adventure, or feed into your day dreams; I present to you five songs to soundtrack your next summer getaway.

1. “Heart Of The Country” by Paul and Linda McCartney

Starting with a necessary classic, we have Paul McCartney’s "Heart of The Country." The seventh track off of his solo album (my personal favorite) "Ram," “Heart of The Country” perfectly encapsulates the romantic simplicity of the country, and for good reason. Wholesome and domestic — everything a country getaway can provide — "Ram" was mostly written when McCartney lived in an Irish farmhouse with his family. Clearly charmed by the lifestyle, to the point of dedicating a whole song to it, he sticks to the bit both lyrically and sonically. With verses dedicated to the community (Heart of the country where the holy people grow”) to his desire for wholesome company and rest (“I want a horse. I want a sheep. I want to get me a good night's sleep”) it’s fair to say that Paul is a country getaway advocate.

2. “Hertz” by Amyl and the Sniffers

A more straight-forward call for action, the Australian punk rock band Amyl and The Sniffers gives the classic getaway song a chaotic twist. Fast-paced and deliciously fuzzy, "Hertz" sees a softer side of lead singer Amy Taylor. Much like "Maggots" and "No More Tears" Amy puts more personal and borderline heart-warming matters at the fore-front of the band's electrifying sound. In the case of “Hertz” this results in a fervent ode to her desire for a country getaway. Attacking the issue head-on, she proclaims rather passionately, “Take me to the beach, take me to the country, climb in the backseat if you love me!” The remainder of the track describes their secluded surroundings and the friendly locals they encounter during their visit. Sharp and straight to the point “Hertz” is the unexpected guide to your next country-side adventure.

3. “To The Mountains” by Lizzy McAlpine

Serene and simple, "To The Mountains" the perfect track for a solo excursion. Adorned by Lizzy’s signature harmonies, an acoustic guitar, and sweeping strings, it’s a track mostly concerned with the intent behind the trip versus the destination. Looking for clarity, solitude and time to make peace with her own feelings, she is ready to disconnect and turn to greenery. As she perfectly describes her motivations as well as the bliss that can be found in moments of solitude, it is hard not to get swept away and transform the song into a personal statement.

4 & 5. 'Summer Pack' by Childish Gambino

"Feels Like Summer" and "Summertime Magic"

This last one feels like a necessary pick. While the lyrics don’t explicitly talk about a particular destination or intention, the music is all you need to grab your keys, and go. Dreamy and the perfect representation of a midsummer road-trip Gambino wasn’t kidding when he said, “This is summertime magic.” Timelessly atmospheric and immortalized by the Amazon special, “Guava Island” I’m afraid there will never be a time where Childish Gambino Summer Pack won’t be considered a summer must, no matter the time or destination.

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