Florida Collective, seeyousoon Flaunts Chaotic Cohesion in "Matte Black"

Perry Avgerinos

For hip-hop and hyper-pop fans alike, don't be surprised if seeyousoon becomes a new favorite, after listening to their new single "Matte Black." Comprised of 9 Floridians, the collective showcases their glitchy flare, keeping attention and energy peaking throughout the entire 3 minutes and 13 second duration. I know what you're thinking, or maybe it's just me, but 9 main artists on a single track sounds like a lot, let alone a royalty-splitting nightmare – but they knock the execution out of the park.

Each artist floats in and out on the synth and distorted bass heavy production with ease – complimenting each other's differences in flows, fusing into one cohesive sound. Sometimes songs have deeper meanings, hiding lyrics with metaphors and hidden messages, but to put it simply, "Matte Black" is a banger. This is meant to be blasted in your car, or in a live setting, and forget about anything that's troubling you while it's pulsing through your eardrums.

seeyousoon is yet another example of Florida's continued domination in serving as a hub for talent. With the hyperpop inspired sound still at the forefront of a lot of industry ears, you can expect to hear more from the collective in the near future, especially as venues begin to open back up. Listen below.

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