Freddie's Finds, Volume 19: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 19th volume of Freddie’s Finds, pride edition! This week includes four of my favorite new tracks of the week from incredible LGBTQIA+ identifying artists: Eleanor Kingston, Deb Never with AUDREY NUNA, vivi rincon, and Remi Wolf.

“ilikegirls” by Eleanor Kingston

Eleanor Kingston beautifully opened June with her pride anthem, “ilikegirls.” Behind a feel good, catchy hook, Kingston expresses her sexuality, singing “I like girls who like sipping on Bacardi / Who like touching on my body / I like girls / I like girls.” She goes on to explore the first time she fell in love with a girl on the verses, slowly becoming more and more entranced by her as she flows between bouncy rapping and fluttery vocals. Production from Jared Evan brings an ear catching instrumental, as watery keys and a mellow synth nearly get lost in the drum lead beat. This is already Kingston’s third release of the year, hopefully indicating that a project will be on the way.

“multigrain” by Deb Never and AUDREY NUNA

After having teased a collaboration with each other for a while and recently announcing they’ll be playing a joint set at Head In The Clouds festival, Deb Never and AUDREY NUNA have finally released a single pack, Chump Change. The two tracks live up to every expectation and more, allowing the world to hear why this has been such a highly anticipated release. My favorite of the two, “multigrain,” is an incredible, high energy track, seeing the duo display perfect synergy already. They ascend into rockstars, each delivering their own verse before excitedly combining on the hooks. I can’t wait to see what is in store from these two, as this is sure to just be the beginning of something bigger.

“if we lived on the moon” by vivi rincon

vivi rincon’s slow paced, folk-inspired debut is absolutely stunning, almost certain to bring out the waterworks. The track explores rincon’s journey to being comfortable with her sexuality, a collaboration between her and her girlfriend, Rachel Caridi, who produced the track. “This song is about the difficulties of living in a world where you aren’t accepted for who you are," rincon said about the meaning. "It’s about being scared to kiss the person you love in public, but it’s also about how beautiful love can really be.” She goes on to express her undying love for her girlfriend, wishing for a society that allows them to be free with who they are – and if not, willing to live on the moon where nobody can judge them. This is a beautiful song, and hopefully just the beginning for vivi rincon.

“Cake” by Remi Wolf

Everyone who listened to Remi Wolf’s Juno Deluxe this week will understand the excitement of hearing her over PinkPantheress-esque production on “Cake.” However, that excitement stepped up a level when PinkPantheress’ delicate vocals appeared on the hook, an amazing hidden feature. Remi puts her usual fun loving flair on the track, opening by singing, “I think I'll get a cake tattoo / Remind myself that I can't have it and eat it, too.” She goes on to explore a crumbling relationship, recognizing that they both need space but not wanting to let go. The accompanying quick moving, chaotic video summarizes the energy of the song perfectly. Although the Juno era may be over now, I cannot wait to see what is in store next for Remi.

You can find all my previous finds in the playlist below:

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