Freddie's Finds, Volume 32: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 32nd volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Roan, Dave Coresh, Jenevieve, and BLACKSTARKIDS x beabadoobee.

“Better Than Me” by Roan

The very first moment I heard the smallest snippet of Roan’s latest song, I fell in love. Led by the most soothing of guitar riffs, “Better Than Me” is undoubtedly my favorite track from the rising LA sensation. A sweet yet self-deprecating song, Roan acknowledges his own flaws and takes responsibility for tearing down someone else in a relationship. However, he takes this to another level on the hook, essentially asking his partner to leave him for her own well being, singing, “You can do better than this / You can do better than me / Girl it is obvious / That shit ain’t hard to see.” Amidst these struggles emerges Roan’s sultry voice, infectiously making you want to sing along to the chorus despite its far from infectious message. With a handful of amazing singles already this year, look out for what Roan has coming.

“CHECK MY CHECK” by Dave Coresh

At long last Dave Coresh — the LA based genre-bending artist’s debut EP, SMOKENMIRRORS, finally dropped last week after building much anticipation not only through his singles over the last 12 months. From the high octane “NOBODY CARES” last October to the punk influenced “PYMFB” to the buzzing ferocity of the recently released “IDGNF,” Coresh has displayed an ability to venture far beyond his hip-hop roots and emerge as something that can’t be described as anything but Dave Coresh.

The six track project has standouts all over, yet I keep finding myself returning to “CHECK MY CHECK.” Between the constant roar of the production and Coresh’s shouting on the hook, I can’t escape the boisterous energy of the track. However, it is the slowed and pitched down outro that captures my attention the most, a chaotically enticing final minute of the project. He may have been making music for over a decade, but it feels like SMOKENMIRRORS is just the start for Coresh.

“CaNdY LiEs” by Jenevieve

When I heard Jenevieve’s debut mixtape Division last year, it instantly became one of my top 10 for the year, and she has shown no signs of slowing down this year. Kicked off with Division (Deluxe) which boasted remixes with 2 Chainz and Ghostface Killah, she immediately entered EP mode, sharing two singles before surprise dropping Rendezvous.

The six track project, entirely produced by Benziboy, sees Jenevieve enter a house and electronic influenced world. However, the standout track to me arrived with “CaNdY LiEs,” and although it displays new elements from Division, it is most reminiscent of the nostalgic R&B that made me fall in love with Jenevieve. A groove inducing beat combined with unparalleled levels of vocals that we have become so accustomed to from Jenevieve forms the perfect pair, seemingly having cracked the code to perfection. Rendezvous deserves to be on repeat for the rest of the year — it would be a mistake to miss out.


One of the biggest concerns I had for BLACKSTARKIDS I had as they began the rollout for their new album was how they would be able to advance past their prior work. However, the release of “CYBERKISS 2 U*” with beabadoobee makes it clearer than ever that this album is going to take them to another level. Co-production from Jacob Bugden and BLACKSTARKIDS themselves shows immense maturation, refining their experimental-electronic concoction into something much more polished, while still feeling like BLACKSTARKIDS at its core. beabadoobee lends her stunning voice on the hook, while each BLACKSTARKIDS member contributes on the verses. As they continue to build towards their upcoming album, CYBERKISS*, make sure you keep up with the Kansas City trio.

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