Freddie's Finds, Volume 37: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 37th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Picture Us Tiny, bixby, Carliane Tamara, and Pivot Gang.

“Jackson, You Are Dying” by Picture Us Tiny

Following a viral TikTok moment in early October born out of claiming his song was an AI creating a 2000s pop-punk song, Jackson Velli AKA Picture Us Tiny’s soon to be released track was sent into the stratosphere. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long to hear why all Jackson’s friends thought he was dying, as just two weeks later “Jackson, You Are Dying” became the only song I was listening to. The track sees Jackson dive into the unhealthy habits of his lifestyle, opening by singing, “I think I let the ‘one cigarette / Away from death’ look / Get the best of me,” before exploring the struggles he faces every day. However, amidst this introspective journey arises a real reason for his friend's concern, flipping the lyrics in the final chorus as he sings, “And all my friends say, ‘we don't want you dying / It's not too late to save yourself / Just want to see you trying.’” There’s no better time to begin listening to Picture Us Tiny than now — check out the new track below.

“easy” by bixby

Words cannot describe how excited I was when bixby shared an inconspicuous teaser to his Instagram last week captioned “10/21.” However, this excitement went through the roof when “easy” finally dropped, bixby’s first track in what may just be two months, but feels like an eternity. Opening with a sultry guitar line, the production on the track provides a much needed heartwarming feel, yet in true bixby fashion, it is his vocals that steal the show, putting his full range on display as he weaves between softly delivered highs and captivating lows. The track sees him explore a convoluted relationship, with both people feeling lost without one another yet wanting to stay together. However, bixby ends his stream of consciousness each time by singing, “Never mind, it’s alright,” seemingly not ready to continue to wait for the time to be right. While it may just be his second solo single of the year, hopefully a bixby project will be on the way soon.

“Big Time Stunna” by Carliane Tamara

Every Thursday, I try to go through all the new music releases I’m excited for, queueing everything up and adding my favorites to my queue. However, when Carliane Tamara’s latest single came on (despite having already heard it), I had to stop and listen over and over again. “Big Time Stunna” brings out one of my favorite flows I have heard as of late, each line perfectly blending into one another while containing a level of confidence best epitomized by the opening two lines, as she raps, “Feelin’ quite mystical, feelin’ egotistical / My shit is on 10 bitch, born on a pedestal.” Pulsating co-production from Carliane and benchwarmer adds an exciting twist to an otherwise old school hip-hop feeling track, while the accompanying dizzying video set at a party elevates the energy even higher. While this is just the second release ever from Carliane and the first in a year and a half, it feels far from it.

“Aang” by Pivot Gang

It was only a matter of time before Pivot Gang made their eventual return, and graciously that arrived this week following their announcement that they would be bringing back their John Walt Day event. “Aang” sees all members of Pivot Gang contribute for a cypher-esque track, yet with the cohesion and chemistry that they have displayed across all their prior work. Mellow production from Saba and daedaePIVOT flips original vocals and guitar from Gaidaa and Maria Sanchez, which can be heard repeating throughout the beat. Each vocalist delivers their own verse, highlighted by Saba’s combination of playful and introspective lyrics, with Joseph Chilliams also taking the hook. Frsh Waters closes out the track, his softer voice and creative flow topping off a terrific return from the Chicago group, ending by rapping, “Stay on your Pivot, go get ya respect.” Hopefully this will not be the last release from Pivot Gang this year, because we can always use more Pivot Gang music.

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