Freddie’s Finds, Volume 42: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to Freddie’s Finds volume 42. Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Worry Club, Rita Mae, asianblonde. x Tsuyunoshi x Mayn, 408 Darwin, Woz, and Dev Lemons.

“Nothin” by Worry Club

I know I love a song when I find myself randomly singing it and I cannot even recognize it, and that’s just what happened with the latest release from Worry Club. The four piece, Chicago based band headlined by Chase Walsh had an incredible 2022, and “Nothin” sets them up for much more to come this year. Kicked off with a semi-acoustic yet pulsating rendition of the hook, Chase sets the scene as he sings, “I don’t feel nothin’ / I’m nothin’ like I was before / Trapped and I can’t find the door / It’s all so boring.” Chase goes on to grasp at his old self, vying to become a better person yet needing to be saved from himself. Production from the band brings an exciting rock sound that we have become so accustomed to expect, always offering an intriguing listen. With the next Worry Club project on the way, expect much more to come very soon.

“Superfeeling” by Rita Mae

I do not think there is any way to describe Rita Mae than as just the most spectacular artist. I am blown away again and again with every release, and despite just having four total tracks to their name, you only have to listen to one to experience their undeniable talent – and the latest of which is no different. “Superfeeling” masterfully blends melancholy, string led lows with bursting, incredibly layered hooks, all of which being entirely self produced. Allowing each listener to interpret what superfeeling may mean to them, the track can be transformed into many different lights, yet at its core Rita grapples with dreaming for a healthier, better relationship. Following the release of the track, Rita announced that more music on the way sooner than we may expect, so definitely do not miss what they have got on the way.

“925” by asianblonde. featuring Tsuyunoshi and Mayn

Every now and then a song makes its way in front of me and just completely captures my attention. This week, that trophy is awarded to Will Rhead and Ed Fisher, the duo that make asianblonde., with their latest single “925.” Recruiting Tsuyunoshi and Mayn to create a Justin Timberlake-esque steamy and bouncy single, the track arrives as a refreshing blast to the past. asianblonde. open the track up with the hook, confessing their love to a girl amidst their “teenage fantasy.” Mayn and Tsuynoshi each take a verse of their own, each adding their own JT sauce to the pot, before asianblonde. close it out with an intimate outro, to say the least. With big goals for the beginning of 2023, keep asianblonde. on your radar.

“Downplay” by 408 Darwin

Regrettably, I was not familiar with 408 Darwin prior to this past week - yet thankfully his latest single “Downplay” found its ways to my headphones. Blending a melodic hook with exciting flows, Darwin continues to prove himself as a name to remember. Production from marvy ayy brings a mellower vibe to the track, cleanly drawing the line between subtle and providing enough ear candy. The song has taken off since its release, already drawing in over 60k streams on Spotify, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it keep climbing.

“Medicine” by Woz

Whenever someone asks me for a new artist right now, my go-to is always Woz – and time after time I witness as someone falls in love with him. The rapidly rising artist and son of John Wozniak, lead singer of Marcy Playground, saw immense success last year with his EP At The Gulf, and seems destined to accomplish even more this year after sharing “Medicine.” Speaking on the track, Woz said, “A while back I was so disillusioned with my family, life, and everything, that I started going insane. I was so strung out on drugs and alcohol, my friends barely recognized who I turned into, and were terrified of my behavior, and it took everything I had to drag myself out of that place. I wrote the guitar riff on my manager’s couch, and kept it for the studio. It went through different lyrical stages, but we ended up pulling from the darkest time of my life.” Woz’s emotion carries straight through your speaker and into your heart on the track, while enticing rock production from Dallas Caton brings the perfect pair for Woz’s vocals. Woz has been on repeat for me ever since I found him, and the way things are going, it is going to be a long time before that changes.

“Nightstand” by Dev Lemons

Any week with new Dev Lemons music is automatically a fantastic week, and her latest release “Nightstand” is no different. Recruiting a familiar friend in producer Jondren Hwang, Dev strays away from the hyperpop infused world they had been creating as of late and down a folk-laden path, creating for a listen that I was pleasantly surprised by. While not containing many words, Dev’s soft vocals strike through as she sings, “Three plates stacked up on your nightstand / Retrace all your previous steps / Can't be bothered, could be worse / Trying not to say a word.” Throughout the track, Dev grapples with self doubt, repeating, “Replace me with someone else,” while seemingly exploring a crumbling relationship. Also arriving along with the single was a subtle announcement of an upcoming EP titled Delusional, so if there were not already enough reasons to look out Dev Lemons, here is one more just in case.

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