Freddie’s Finds, Volume 43: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to Freddie’s Finds volume 43. Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week (plus a bonus track this time since there was so much good music), ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Babebee, King Isis, skinnyandsoft, foxxdye, and Lunar949.

tainted in our memories by Babebee

The hardest part about writing about Babebee is that no amount of words can ever do their music justice, yet 2023 is all about pushing the Babebee agenda so I am going to continue to take my best crack at it. What started off as just the release of “sunset blvd” last month has quickly blossomed into the release of a truly spectacular EP in tainted in our memories. Alongside the aforementioned release, the project also features prior released singles “stranded” and “alone,” creating a one of a kind listen across the seven total tracks. Truly carving out their own lane in the hyperpop-adjacent sphere, there is no one making anything quite like Babebee right now.

Across my many listens already, one track consistently stands out to me — “tainted.” The semi title track and conceptual project closer features not only my favorite production by simon m as he creates a fluttering soundscape, but arrives as one of the most heart-touching tracks I have heard in a while. Between echoing vocal effects, Babebee’s impactful vocals shine through as they sing, “Falling, falling under quickly / With your tongue on my lips / You kiss me so gently / Touch me when you only miss me / I know you've been waiting / Sell my soul I'm fading.” A voice memo from Tommy Richman splits the track down the middle, before Babebee sees the track out. Babebee is going to take over the world one day and it is only a matter of time before it happens – check out the new EP below.

“in my ways” by King Isis

When King Isis burst onto my radar last year I was absolutely blown away with their debut single, “4leaf clover.” However, it did not take long for them to hit back, returning this week with “in my ways” as they continue to amaze. Speaking on the meaning, they shared, “‘in my ways’ is about being stuck in a cycle of your own creation. You don’t quite know how to get out of it just yet and you’re not really trying. It’s willfully ignoring shadows, but it’s ok cuz we’re dancing.” The Oakland native enters an exciting rock world on the track, displaying versatility that we are only just getting a first taste of. Alongside the release came the announcement of their debut EP scales, arriving later this Spring. While it may still be early for King Isis, they are certainly an artist to keep high on your radar.

“say it out loud.” by skinnyandsoft

New Zealand native skinnyandsoft was one of my favorite new artist finds last year, and he very well might be one of my favorite artists in general this year. Returning this week with his first release since his debut EP Always Distracted Hopelessly Dreaming last year, “say it out loud.” marks what will hopefully be the beginning of something more on the way already. Speaking on the meaning of the track, skinnyandsoft shared, “I guess this is me trying to cope with how I’ve felt in hard times, through various friendships and relationships.” Production from grandma brings a deceptively mellow beat, switching between moments of soothing guitar riffs and buzzing bass. skinnyandsoft’s vocals explore the themes he mentioned above, urging everyone who listens to speak about the mental health struggles they may be experiencing, before a whirlwind of an outro sees the song out. I will continue to be amazed with everything skinnyandsoft creates — 2023 is set to be a big year for him.

“change” by foxxdye

Some of you may recognize the name Seth Mykel Marques, FKA The China Blue, who after two years of building a solo career recently retired the moniker. Arriving in its place is a new three piece band in foxxdye, headlined by Seth and also featuring drummer Jae Carrascal and guitarist Colin Peck, who shared their debut single “change” this past week. Bringing a The 1975-esque pop-rock vibe, the trio create a sound that simultaneously will have you grooving while deeply contemplating the struggles in your life. While they may be new to the game, each member brings a level of experience and talent that makes them sound like their debut single would have landed years ago — check out foxxdye below.

“s1ck 0f th1s face” by Lunar949

If you’re not familiar with Lunar949, then consider this your formal introduction. The SoCal native has been quietly building a name for himself since his debut two years ago, and is ready to enter a new era with the release of his latest single, “s1ck 0f th1s face.” Bringing a high octane, hyperpop influenced sound, Lunar brings an unparalleled level of energy to the track, highlighted by the hook as he repeats, “I’ll run away, gotta run away / Watch me run away,” over pulsating bass and electrifying guitar. The track sees him take a look into his mental health, feeling uncomfortable in his own home as he threatens to leave and never come back. If this is just a taste of Lunar’s upcoming project, then something incredibly exciting is on the horizon.

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