grouptherapy. Is Ready To Get “Nasty” on New Single

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Jumelles Studio

As the temperature outside rises, grouptherapy. season nears: the always entertaining trio share their second single in just over a month with the release of “Nasty,” a willful surrender to their most grotesque desires. Speaking on the track, the group says they “think we all felt a need to let our id speak and embrace our nastier side; whether that be sexy and seductive or slick like an oil spill.” You get the best of both worlds with “Nasty,” a canonical example of grouptherapy.’s trademark personalities bouncing off each other.

All stars in their own right, it’s Jadagrace who shines the brightest - her humbled braggadocio reaches its apex when her verse takes on the rhythm of a pinball machine, picking up pace as her space narrows. This isn’t to say SWIM and TJONline aren’t noteworthy: they play to their own strengths, not bending to the will of any force, even one as strong as Jadagrace’s on this particular track. Therein lies the appeal for grouptherapy., that being they are an ensemble group that is flexible in who takes on the star role. 

Arriving alongside the track is a grouptherapy.-produced music video, an appropriately dynamic visual that lends itself well to each member’s energies. No matter what lens we view the group through, their magnetism transcends the screen. With more music soon on the way, grouptherapy.’s new era feels primed for the same success they have enjoyed in their career to this point, all of which has been fueled by their hard-to-miss, true-to-form identities. 

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