Hablot Brown, Floyd Fuji, and Noah Guy Stop In LA to Melt the El Rey Theatre

Ben Higgins

It was just a normal night in the quaint town of Los Angeles, California when it nearly exploded. Inside the El Rey Theatre on November 16, the music performed was so radiating, electric, and shattering that the entire city may have been at risk. Thankfully, there were no injuries or casualties other than my mind being blown.

It all began with rising star Noah Guy taking the stage. Fresh off of a new EP, I got the chance to hear many of these songs live for the first time. Let me tell you, this man brought the ENERGY. Bouncing off of his band and off of the walls, Noah immediately commanded the audience and put his versatility on full display. In just a 30 minute opening set, the young talent placed everyone in the venue on notice. So if you’re a talent buyer reading this and you need your next act, I happen to Noah Guy.

Next to take the stage was the ever-groovy Floyd Fuji. It was at this point that the night reached dangerous radioactive levels. The bedroom producer and singer meshed with his live band perfectly to flex his incredible song-writing abilities. The man is like if Anderson .Paak and Jimi Hendrix had a baby, and every time he stepped towards his pedalboard I was prepared to have my face melted. Solo after solo, banger after banger, Fuji created an atmosphere of awe as he seamlessly glided through his 45 minute set.

Last but certainly not least, Hablot Brown took the stage and somehow my soul at the same time. When lead man Linus Hablot walked out sporting a full suit, wayfarer shades, and a killer mustache I knew that this set was going to blow the roof off. My expectations were highly exceeded; by their fifth song my cheeks hurt from making non-stop stank face and my knees were buckling from dancing. Hablot Brown’s ability to effortlessly groove deep in the pocket and produce the happiest vibe possible left me starstruck. A superfan who was next to me said it was their best performance to date, and nearing the end of the set it became clear why.

“This night means everything to us,” said Linus Hablot, “all of our parents are here in the audience tonight. We love what we do, and none of this could be possible without you, so from the bottoms of our hearts we thank you all!” Without a doubt one of the most wholesome moments I’ve seen at a concert, Hablot and his amazing band finished off the night strong, getting the audience’s singing voices involved and stealing our hearts at the same time.

In an evening filled with vivacious and ferocious grooves, I’m just happy that the entire city remained fully intact. We must beware of the sheer power of a Hablot Brown + Floyd Fuji back to back set. If you’re not careful, you could wind up like me, with a sore face, weak knees, heart stolen, no soul, and my mind blown. Man, I can't wait to see them all live again soon.

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