Hadji Gaviota Teams up with SAIAH to Deliver “HETEROCHROMIA”

Timothy Weber

“HETEROCHROMIA” couldn’t come at a better time. Hadji Gaviota pens this single from his upcoming project, depicting the feeling of being worn out after going out again, in a world that is slowly starting to open back up after over a year of being inside.

On top of the clever songwriting, this track just sounds so damn good. Hadji rides seamlessly over the alt-pop production, and whenever you find SAIAH on a track you can be sure they won’t disappoint. Also, I feel I would be doing this record a disservice if I didn’t call attention to the viral potential of the opening line: “I’m so glad you got the vaccine, but do not dap me”

Bottom line, this single from Hadji is a must listen and you should keep your eyes peeled for what else Hadji has been cooking up while he was inside.

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