Hans Williams Presents Another Heartening Acoustic Journey, “Georgia Walks"

Rachel Guttman

Hans Williams, a Vermont native – now based in New Orleans, is an emerging independent folk-alternative artist who is solidifying his place in the music scene. Following the release of his latest track“Golden Hour” and summer run tour, he has just graced our ears with yet another heartfelt masterpiece entitled “Georgia Walks.”

The song opens with a gentle acoustic guitar that instantly transports you to a place where magnolia trees bloom and time slows down. Williams’ smooth voice takes center stage, invoking a sense of nostalgia, as if he’s whispering secrets only known to those who’ve strolled down the charming streets of Georgia.

Hans Williams shares: “I wrote Georgia Walks in the wake of the pandemic, hoping to find some comfort in unfamiliar places. My friend and producer Phin had just moved down to Canton, GA and we were both trying to pull a sense of home out of this new place. It helped me gain comfort in being alone, afraid, and away from home and I hope it can do the same for others.”

The song takes listeners on a musical journey that does just as Williams intended and beautifully encapsulates the essence of the south. It seamlessly combines live instrumentation and an uplifting chorus, creating an aura of serenity in any setting. Throughout the song, the arrangement is skillfully layered. The guitar serves as the foundation of the melody, carrying the weight of the song’s emotional depth. The chorus swells with emotion, guided by Williams’ vocal crescendos. The song’s rhythm –soothing and entrancing, mirrors the ebb and flow of southern life, where life moves at a leisurely pace. 

In this musical landscape, Hans Williams is a rising star, and “Georgia Walks” is a compelling preview of the depth and resonance he brings to the folk-alternative genre. With his forthcoming debut EP in 2024 on the horizon, Williams is poised for an exciting musical journey and this track serves as a captivating entry into his sonic world. 

Don’t miss the chance to experience “Georgia Walks” for yourself and delve into the rest of Hans Williams’ musical catalog below!

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