Heffy Continues to Flex His Versatility in New Single, “love & venom too”

Seba Cowsill

“love & venom too (feat.paqrat),” heffy’s latest offering, is a fun, upbeat alternative track, similar to the more energetic sides of artists like KennyHoopla or POORSTACY. This is in stark contrast to his two previous singles released this year, “Night Alone” and "Bad4myhealth,” showing off his musical versatility and flexibility.

This drastic difference in sound between songs is in fact something that’s repeated throughout his whole discography. He’s an incredibly interesting listen, as no two songs of his have yet to have an identical sound. Even his first release of the year “Bad4myhealth”, sounds like a classic, lowkey, autotuned rap track, while “Night Alone” contains alternative hip-hop vibes mixed with a little hyper-pop influence. Now he hits us with this quick-paced, energetic alternative track, perfect for belting out the lyrics while banging your head. These switch ups are so impressive as they come off as effortless. There’s truly no telling what heffy will come at us with next.

While heffy does have an ironed aesthetic and overall recognizable sonic palette, the switch up from each track is exactly why, I at least, will continue to come back to the artist's catalog. No matter what, there’s always a song to match your vibe. His music, and especially this song, is just so fun, exciting, and unexpected. But “love & venom too” is the perfect place to start to get familiar with heffy’s work, before he switches it up again.

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