Get To Know Heygrimy [Interview]

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Genre-bending artist and songwriter, Heygrimy, makes his mark through emotional and anthemic tracks that relate to a wide variety of fans. He had two drops in 2021 and more on the way this year. Learn more about him below:

First off, tell me what got you into music and why you decided to pursue it as a living?

I fell in love with music at a super young age. Growing up for me it was kind of like a Full House situation. I had me, my cousin’s, aunts, uncles, mom, and grandparents all in one house. My mom was super young when she had me. Her and my uncle were always blasting punk and pop punk throughout the house, so that’s really when I fell in love with the genre, and I just always wanted to sing or be in a band or something of that nature. Eventually I got into acting when I was like five and was doing musical theater from elementary school until I was around 18. That trained me on how to use my voice and also just gave me a lot of confidence on the stage, so it all just came down to writing music and putting it out.

Your bio says "forever unknown." What does that mean and how does it translate into your music?

Forever Unknown in my bio has a double meaning. In one way, to me, it’s just another way of saying I’m being slept on. Like I will forever be unknown because they have been sleeping on me. But mainly, and this is going to sound corny probably, but I keep to myself when it comes to my emotions, I don’t really express myself or how I truly feel unless it’s through music or art in some way, so forever unknown, to me, just kind of represents no one truly knowing what anyone's going through.

Take me through your single "Think About Me" and how that collaboration came together.

“Think About Me’’ was a song that my cousin, Stevie Hollows, and I made during lockdown. We were kinda going for this like pop/rock boy band type of sound with it, and we were just having fun. Our roommate usually records our songs, but he was out of town, and we were feeling inspired so we just like grabbed the equipment and recorded ourselves and then had him mix it. I was holding onto that song for a few months and then finally decided to drop it after we performed it at a show, and the crowd went crazy for it. I figured it was worth dropping.

Moving on to "Pretty Secrets," how did that come together?

"Pretty Secrets" was like my pride and joy for a while. There’s an online producing duo named Pacific. I use their beats a lot. I found that beat while I was in the car, and I immediately had the melody in my head and kept singing the “woah oh oh’s” and I was like "this is crazy." I opened my voice memos app while I was driving and just sang a bunch of melodies so I wouldn’t forget, and then as I soon as I got home I wrote to that. I knew I had something special with that one. Not even trying to gas it up, just for me personally, it was more different then anything else I’ve done. It wasn’t a “sad song,” it wasn’t really punk or rock influenced, it was just a full pop song, and I loved it. I was teasing that song for a few months at shows and on Instagram, and everyone was going crazy over it. I knew I had something special but I didn’t wanna drop it yet. I wanted to wait until the right moment. Eventually, I got in contact with Cleopatra Records and that was the song I sent them, and I got a call from them a few days later to do a distribution deal for that song. At that point, I knew it was the right moment.

What do you want fans to grasp from your music?

Honestly, I just want the fans to feel good or feel better when they listen to my music. I’ve got songs that are deeper and if you really listen to the lyrics, it’s about real shit, everyone goes through shit and I want people to know they’re not alone. Music has helped me through depression, drug addiction, and so much stuff because I was always able to connect with a song and it made me feel better, made me realize I wasn’t alone. Even for my songs that are more upbeat, I just want people to be able to turn it on, shut out the world and just vibe.

Who inspires your sound?

My biggest inspiration is a band called Just Surrender. They broke up years ago, but their album If These Streets Could Talk was like the soundtrack to my childhood. My mom played that band non stop. I only grew to appreciate them more and more as I got older. I don’t even know if I’d be making music if it wasn’t for that band honestly. I’m inspired by a lot of underground artists currently too. 9Tails, who now goes by Sewerperson, has been a huge Influence for me as well. Lil Aaron, Convolk, MCR, Panic! At The Disco, even like old Disney channel pop music has had an influence to my music to be honest haha.

What is next for you?

What’s next for me? I have a song produced by Jakkyboi coming in March. Called "All Alone." Single and music video for that one. I’ve got a lot of singles planned. If all goes according to plan I’m hoping to drop at least one single a month for the new few months leading up to an EP I’m doing with Salem Vex of Bloodbather called "Lucifer’s Circus.” I won’t say too much but it’s like a power pop punk/emo, theatrical concept EP. I’m really excited for that one.

Hobbies outside of music?

Outside of music, I’m a producer in the adult film industry. A lot of my time is focused on that as well. I want to continue to grow in that industry and kinda merge the music stuff with that in cool ways.

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