Jack Harlow Donates to Civil Rights and Domestic Violence Organizations in Kentucky

Perry Avgerinos

Jack Harlow gives back to the city that raised him, donating to local Louisville, Kentucky organizations including; AMPED, Center for Women and Families, Grace James Academy, and Louisville Urban League & Metro United Way.

"People joke about how often I reference my home, but it's a huge part of my identity and I want you to think of Louisville when you think of me," Harlow told PEOPLE.

Harlow referenced his mother as the source of his own generosity, helping him find the right organizations that would hit home for him.

"I know there's a kid in the city with headphones on, getting off the bus, walking home from school — listening to my music, watching my interviews, reading these words right now —that feels like this same dream is possible for him. I want people nationwide to look at Louisville as an important and cultural city," says Harlow.

The "Industry Baby" rapper has been on a hot streak in 2021, fully blossoming into a superstar in front of our eyes. Yet – even with the growing stardom and popularity, Jack Harlow remains humble, thankful, and generous, always looking to give back to the community that helped launch his career.

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