Jack Omstead Chases Memories "In A Dream" in Latest Single [Premiere]

Perry Avgerinos

Today, we're highlighting the independent, do-it-all artist, Jack Omstead, with the premiere of his new pop bop, "In A Dream." Omstead keeps his momentum rolling, managing to write, produce, perform, and mix/master his releases – all at high octane, while pushing and marketing his creations with equal effort.

"In A Dream" sees Jack's signature shiny, buoyant pop sound disguise a more somber, nostalgic tale of missing an ex-lover, exploring the subconscious lingering emotions one has in their dreams. The hook instantly grabs you, with its syncopated rhythm, following the lead of the dynamic 808's, giving it just enough edge to combat Omstead's vulnerability. Like his personality, Omstead's releases are playful, calm, collected, and simply songs you can play over and over again to match any mood. Speaking on this release, Omstead told us, "Even when we feel like we’ve left a memory behind, there is a part of us deep down that “still holds onto something.” Dreams are an unbiased reflection of our subconscious and how we feel about a person or situation in our walking life. Dream on.”

From the tight-knit, cleverly worded writing, to Omstead's meticulous layered vocal melodies, "In A Dream" debuts a new chapter for Jack Omstead – starting down a new road with his best foot forward. At a pivotal point in Omstead's life, making moves while visiting LA and fully pursing his dream, it's only a matter of time before Jack Omstead breaks through into the mainstream conscious.

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