Jack Omstead's "AEIOU" Is the Dopamine Rush We All Need Right Now [Premiere]

Audrey Brandes

Poppy EDM production combined with saccharine-sweet lyrics coalesce in the form of “AEIOU,” Jack Omstead’s latest single. Just listening to this song feels like butterflies around a high-school crush, the wind whipping through your hair in a convertible on a summer day, being surrounded by a blissful, dancing crowd – it’s pure serotonin in just two minutes and 20 seconds.

“AEIOU” feels reminiscent of a Galantis, Aminé and Lil Yachty collaboration – only better. The lyrics are playful and juvenile, as Omstead sings,“I need you like the sun needs fuego,I need you like the syrup needs Eggo,” until it then erupts into a euphoric electronic chorus. Jack Omstead’s “AEIOU” is practically sunshine and warmth in a bottle – the perfect antidote for the winter blues.

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