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Jasper Dean Doesn't Let a "split lip" Stop Him in Latest Single

Having been making music for almost a decade, Jasper Dean continues to find himself both as an individual and as an artist, debuting the third single under his rebranded project, "Jasper Dean." His latest, "split lip," is an impressive testament to his growth musically, continuing to explore new sounds, while not letting adversity get in his way.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Jasper Dean delivers upbeat indie / hyperpop-esque production, co-produced by josph, with lyrics that figuratively and literally cut deep, splitting the lip, almost as if you can feel the pain Jasper felt when writing this song. Dean says of the track, ""split lip" is about faking your personality in order to impress someone, and the consequences that come after they realize you're not who you pretended to be." I'm sure we've all been there before, falling for someone and trying to be the person you think they're looking for. Dean paints this picture when he sings,

"Boy got a split lip,

Forgot to put his money where his mouth is."

The vocal delivery from Jasper Dean is what is most captivating to me. There's a certain rawness, under-processed, component that makes it more vulnerable, allowing the listener to feel more accessible to Dean himself to relate to his message. With upbeat production, and a memorable chorus, Dean has himself a new standout in his growing discography for fans to sing along to. Listen to "split lip" below.


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