Jean Dawson Never Loses Hope on “PIRATE RADIO*”

Freddie Fine

It takes a very special artist to create a classical inspired track that just scratches the surface of their experimentation — and who fits this description better than Jean Dawson. From “06 Burst” to “90s Green Screen” to the prior released “THREE HEADS*,” Jean has proven to conquer every sound he embarks to create, and “PIRATE RADIO*” is no different.

Beginning with a slow, soothing guitar riff from the familiar production duo of Wyatt Corona and Austin Bernard, Jean uncharacteristically enters the song in a melancholy tone, exploring the limits his body and mind have been put to. Strings by who other than Johan Lenox and upright bass from Jesse Schuster are introduced as the verse progresses, before bursting into a beautiful punk Beethoven on the hook as Jean sings, “Pull up, nobody panic / Why did you vanish? / Hold up, needed a hand, and / Nobody had it.” The second verse sees Jean further explore this pain, yet despite all he is put through, is able to retain hope, emphatically singing on the final hook, “All of it's golden, my body is floating / I'm still alive / My paddle is broken, I'm out in the open / I'll never die.”

An incredible outro sounds like the final scene in a movie, before slowly dissipating away — the concept given off throughout the accompanying music video, directed by Bradley J. Calder. With as fantastic visuals, if not more, as we have come to expect from Jean, the video feels like a short film, with cinematic shots flickering between a myriad of meticulously crafted scenes.

Watch the “PIRATE RADIO*” music video below, and get ready for CHAOS NOW*, coming very soon.

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