Johan Lenox Returns with New Single "PERSONAL" a Sneak Peak of His Upcoming Album, 'I Guess We'll Find Out'

Ben Wego

Multi-talented musician and composer, Johan Lenox, is back with another emotionally captivating track titled “PERSONAL” about “how good times and bad times come just as easily and you can't really get too upset about it. People will be unspeakably cruel or you might win the lottery but none of it really has to do with you.” Lenox is a veteran in the music industry with credits as a string arranger, classical composer, producer, songwriter, pianist, vocalist and producer for names like Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, John Legend, Ty Dolla $ign and more. 

The indie artist’s new song is the newest single off his upcoming sophomore album called I Guess We’ll Find Out, a follow up to his debut WDYWTBWYGU (What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up) – an introspective coming of age themed project set in the backdrop of an apocalypse. I Guess We’ll Find Out acts as a sequel and also uses the metaphorical landscape of the apocalypse, but this time Lenox isn’t preparing for it – he’s living in it. Lenox explores a more alternative style on “PERSONAL,” a refreshing route that delves in slightly different territory than his debut album which was more hip-hop influenced ("You Up?," "Get My Shit Together"). “PERSONAL” is a promising single from Lenox with sentimental vocals and insightful lyrics, a gripping and nostalgic sneak peak into Johan Lenox’s upcoming sophomore album, I Guess We’ll Find Out.

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