Jonah Zed Finally Finds Peace of Mind in His New Single “night fever”

Olive Soki

When the right person comes around, all the time spent waiting and pondering instantly becomes worth it in the end. While Jonah is somewhat appreciative of this fact, he also acknowledges that time is of the essence. So why waste it when you’ve found a good thing? 

Jonah Zed’s new single “night fever” lyrically and instrumentally portrays this idea. Steady and driven, the track shows no signs of slowing down, a bit like a lovestruck heart. As he's finally found what he’s been looking for, Jonah is ready to do everything it takes to get lost within, and nourish, this infatuation. Sung rather smoothly and confidently, it’s hard to doubt the validity of his emotions, as well as the many promises he lays forth.

Instrumentally, the song starts off with a beautiful saxophone solo, which crescendos and decrescendos into the first verse. For the entirety of the track, the production remains simple and clear, with the exception of the minor changes in the pre-chorus. These details leave room for listeners to appreciate its simplistic and deliciously abundant sound.

Lush and breezy, yet packed with emotion, “night fever” peacefully depicts those blissful early stages of passion.

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