Joseph Tilley Promises He’s “All In” [Premiere]

Rachael Jansky

In a world deeply entrenched in hook-up culture, it’s rare to find someone willing to give their all to a relationship. In his first single of 2021, Joseph Tilley promises to do just that.

“All In” is a refreshing take on the stereotypical love song, encapsulating the euphoric feeling of first falling for someone. The track’s production is warm and soothing, perfectly complementing the reassurance Tilley offers in his lyrics. Co-written with Emily Vaughn, the two wrote a song overflowing with authenticity and genuineness, while detailing the extreme lengths Tilley would go to just to make his partner happy.

From learning to make music with GarageBand on his grandma’s iPad, to teaching himself how to play guitar and piano, it’s clear that Tilley has always possessed a natural inclination towards music. His lyricism offers unique perspective into the human experience, creating a strong connection with listeners over their shared emotions. “All In” showcases Tilley’s lyrical and musical expertise leading up to his EP Together, set to release February 12th.

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