Julia Wolf Is Cold-Blooded on “Hot Killer”

Kieran Kohorst

Confidence and conviction are what have made Julia Wolf into an artist to watch. Now, she’s doubling down on those traits on her newest song, “Hot Killer," to continue pushing her career forward. The single features level-headed verses from Wolf that favor the tenacity and tempo of hip-hop, backed by a similarly driving beat. This approach is not necessarily new for Wolf, but does scale back some of the pop tendencies her music has utilized in the past. The central character of the track, Wolf continues to position herself as an artist and personality that can find a niche in pop music.

“Hot Killer” is Wolf's second release of 2022, following the more subdued “RIP to the Club.” Last year saw Wolf release her first project Girls In Purgatory, which included a "Full Moon Edition" that provided two extra songs. The full scope of her artistry has been on display in all of these releases, proving her worth as a songwriter and performer in different sonic contexts. The versatility the rising artist has displayed fares well for her potential role in music going forward, as she is adaptable, talented, and equipped to adjust to the trends of music. Stream her sinisterly captivating new song below:

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