Junior Varsity Take Us on a Journey with New Single, “Share Ur Feelings”

Freddie Fine

Junior Varsity’s second project is officially underway, set off with their first release since their debut EP from last August. The self titled project was a gateway into what they’re capable of, delivering six uniquely different tracks. Their new single, “Share Ur Feelings” sees the group continue to expand this sonic repertoire, adventuring into a sound that feels comforting yet simultaneously brand new.

A soft, heartfelt intro begins the story that is soon to consume the narrative of the track – finding the beauty in a situation that lacks it, singing, “Share your feelings / Count all the holes in your ceiling.” They continue down a nostalgic road, recalling moments shared within a relationship as they express their never-ending love for this person. The partner serves as someone to rely on, providing a sense of safety and comfort when it’s needed most, and to confide in and share their feelings with.  

Co-production from Junior Varsity and Jake Weinberg advance this dynamic, as the instrumental changes throughout to match the tone of the lyrics. Each instrument carries a delicate feel to it, perfectly placed at every twist and turn of the incredible three minutes. Junior Varsity 2 is on its way and the world is about to be put on notice – listen to “Share Ur Feelings” below.

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