Artist Spotlight: Kayden

23 year old singer, songwriter, and producer Kayden, recognized his musical talent at the age of 13, and has been making pop earworms in his bedroom ever since. It was not until 2018, though, that he began churning out songs for the public to enjoy.

Releasing an impressive five albums in two years, Kayden has created a loyal fanbase with his uplifting production and raw vocal talent. Although largely considered a rising star in the Indie Pop world, Kayden disregards genres. With an ever-evolving style, he sets his mind on one thing: making music that emphasizes the good times in life. Kayden’s first album, “Forever,” received attention from Jeremy Zucker, which resulted in a trip to LA where Kayden began working with Zucker himself. In his newest album, “so much has changed,” songs like “mr. nice guy” deliver catchy hooks and crisp, honest vocals.

Although the native of California’s high desert has only just made a splash in the industry, the waves are on the horizon as he continues to perfect his craft in the years to come.

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