KDVSGOLIATH Is Playing His Part in Energetic New Single, "PLAY YOUR PART."

Miles Opton

KDVSGOLIATH is here and his music is as big as his name sounds. Ripping down the boundaries around him, the Ethiopian-born, London-living artist is entering the scene fast and with heavy ambitions. His raw delivery doesn’t sit in any defined box - the closest estimation I can provide is a blend of hip-hop, emo-rap, and grime, but even then, release after release, KDVSGOLIATH surprises us with new sounds. 

His most recent release, “PLAY YOUR PART,” experiments with production layered with hymns, an ear-worm guitar hook, and crisp 808s, only to put his dynamic vocals on display. Stating “Don’t know why you didn’t play your part. I can tell loving me was hard,” KDVSGOLIATH brings us into a retrospective letter to his love interest. With a talent for creating stories and atmospheres, KDVSGOLIATH brings us into this scene of his life, with different vocal tones defining the variety of feelings he’s had on the subject.

To KDVSGOLIATH, his voice is the beginning of his mission “to love like Jesus did, to guide the broken and heal the sick.” Through pulling influences from anything and everything around him, he hopes his artistic mind can begin to help people. To join KDVSGOLIATH on his journey, make sure to listen below↓

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