KDVSGOLITATH Is Looking For Answers in His New Single “AGAIN.”

Olive Soki

Now, four singles into the year, KDVSGOLITATH delivers another irresistible single. Fast paced and vibrant, “AGAIN.” is a combination of the lyrical vulnerability found in “EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE LOVED.” with a new found energy fueled by distorted and borderline subterranean baselines. Putting aside tenderness, he questions his relationship with a significant other and his willingness to go through the repetitive cycle of mistrust and doubt.

With a rather subtle introductory bassline, the track explodes into the chorus as he explains the situation at hand. Confusing and secretive patterns exposed, KDVSGOLITATH expresses his confusion with a hint of frustration and skepticism as to the future of the relationship. Progressively unraveling the complicated narrative, he melodiously sings into the void, right into your eardrums, inviting you to join his passionate plea for clarity.

Of all the equally enticing tracks he’s released so far this year, “AGAIN.” is one of a kind in an already eclectic discography. Leaning towards hyper-pop in comparison to his most recent single “BREAKING.,” “AGAIN.” makes the case for his borderless sound, and the infinite directions he could take in the near future.

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