Kendyle Paige Shares Lively Single, “Got No Time”

Olive Soki

Back in June, Kendyle Paige released her first single of the year, “Bullseye,” alongside Brandon Lee Richardson. Precise, sultry, and soulful, “Bullseye,” , a track detailing her need to focus on herself, left us wanting more. Finally delivering another single as well as the announcement of her forthcoming record LADYBIRD, she gives us “Got No Time.”

From the second the song starts to the last note, that familiar precision is once again present all throughout. Combining her soulful vocals with a couple of staccato notes and a creative bassline, she offers a “funktastic” track recounting good times and tension. While the choruses are bouncy and catchy, the following bridge is something to remember and replay endlessly. What begins as a simple refrain “Got no time, just the night” quickly turns into a dreamy interlude adorned by hazy harmonies and a perfect run reminiscent of the ones found on Silk Sonic’s slower RnB tracks.

Ambient with a buoyant touch, “Got No Time” marks the beginning of a new phase in Kendyle’s musical journey, which will be fully realized on her upcoming project LADYBIRD.

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