KennyHoopla Is Back with “DIRTY WHITE VANS//”

Nate Rummel

24-year-old KennyHoopla just dropped his first single of 2022, “DIRTY WHITE VANS//," and it’s a banger. Fans had been dying for more music since the release of his debut album; Survivors Guilt: The Mixtape. The Travis Barker-produced album was full-on pop punk, but Kenny went a little more mainstream with the new track.

While still incorporating punk elements like belted vocals and live drums (again, courtesy of Travis Barker), this song was much more enjoyable for casual listeners. He leaned into the trap sound by using 808s, hi-hats, and melodic guitar riffs, and it honestly sounded like an instrumental Juice WRLD would’ve used. Kenny’s ability to combine genres like this is what has helped him stand out and stay relevant in the current era. Don’t get me wrong, I love his heavier stuff too. He was actually 3rd on my Spotify Wrapped last year. But in a genre that lost much of its popularity years ago, he’s smart to include other elements outside of the regular emo spectrum.

Another thing I dig about Kenny is his unorthodox writing style. Sometimes, it almost feels like he’s writing in riddles. With the exception of this track and a few others, his lyrics are always so mysterious. It’s kinda weird, but it’s also a breath of fresh air from the many artists who say exactly what they’re thinking, like if he were to just say “I hate being sober” or something. Shoutout Chief Keef though.

Funny enough, I saw Kenny live on the day this song dropped, and it was one of the craziest shows I’ve been to. The mosh pit was a war zone. People were straight up violent. But in a fun way. He had great energy and a great live performance, despite having completely lost his voice before the event. The show was part of his SURVIVORS GUILT national tour, and had guest appearances from Illusion Hills and Sorry Ghost.

I’m a huge fan of KennyHoopla, and if you have any semblance of interest in pop punk or emo trap, I’m sure you’d love him too. Stream the song below, or check out the music video below.

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