Kevin George and Daniel Allan Showcase the Future of Music with “Ball!”

Ian Hansen

The duo of Kevin George and Daniel Allan have had momentous chemistry brewing as of late with their releases of “Ball!” and “5 STAR.” Daniel Allan has curated some unhinged beats that Kevin George floats effortlessly on. Their recent release, “Ball!” is meant for the clubs and is a party banger where you want to just let loose and dance.

Kevin George sent over acapellas to Daniel Allan and Allan literally made “Ball!” on a five hour flight. Allan had a D.J. event to promote his “Glass House” NFT project and previewed “Ball!” that same night, which was the first time George ever heard the song and he said he was bugging out at how good it sounded.

This has been a turning point for Kevin George’s career, as they eventually dropped the song as an NFT on Sound.yxz. “Ball!” was minted on the first week of October 2022 on the blockchain for .05 ETH, and it made 5 ETH in less than a minute.

Daniel Allan is one of the first artists to release music as an NFT and is paving ways for artists such as Kevin George to do the same thing, and I can’t wait to see where this goes in the next few years.

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