Kevin George Pushes “Rage” Sound in New Single, “IF LOOKS COULD KILL”

Ian Hansen

Kevin George continues his run of consistency with his most recent drop, “IF LOOKS COULD KILL.” He has always been one to push the boundaries of his musical direction.

Inspired by an older single of his, “101 Freestyle,” Kevin George said from a production standpoint that he and producers, D-Work and Jhune wanted to push the rage sound forward, and this does just that. The way the synths come in and out with bouncy counter melodies make for a truly exciting experience.

Lyrically, Kevin George is stunting on his haters. “Haters can’t stand seeing you win,” George said. “I’m going to keep winning regardless because my intentions are pure, I work hard, and I stay hungry.”

We are about halfway through the year and there is no sign of stopping for Kevin George, and yet again, he drops another quality track for the summer.

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