Meet Khamari Halfway Through Timeless Musicality and Modern Flair with His new Album ‘A Brief Nirvana’ [Album Review]

Emma Neveux
Credit: Rachel Blackman

Don’t you miss the good old days where albums were still an actual “thing.” Don’t get me wrong, obviously albums are still a “thing” today, but I’ve been feeling lately that we’ve lost sight and interest in the sole purpose of the album. 

On paper it’s a straightforward concept: a collection of songs. But the songs are not just thrown in following one another randomly, similarly like the album title is not dropped out of nowhere. An album, in some way could be approached as an audio book, if you want my not so revolutionary take on it. It’s been a while since I haven’t drifted through the story of an album, without realizing I’ve gone through 11 tracks thinking it was only one. It’s a real skill trust me. Try to capture someone’s attention for thirty minutes straight today. Let me remind you our attention span has been reframed around IG reels and TikTok videos, so I’ll let you reflect on this on your own.   

Now that I’ve tried to catch your attention for less than one minute, let me tell you who actually managed to catch mine for way longer: Khamari, the artist hailing from Boston but currently based in Los Angeles. He just unveiled his first album A Brief Nirvana through RCA Records which consists of 11 tracks that collectively form a sonic documentary, capturing not only Khamari's personal experiences but also showcasing his evolution as an artist. Stemming from his journey spanning 2,982 miles from Boston to the bustling city of Los Angeles, up-and-coming singer-songwriter Khamari is determined to establish his presence in the music industry. With a single EP, a suitcase, and an unwavering passion for music, Khamari crafted this project through a deep period of retrospection, giving it all his layers and fluff.

Nothing new there, Khamari has already been praised many times for his exceptional talent as both a vocalist and musician. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, including iconic artists like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, as well as contemporary figures like Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and Mac Miller, Khamari gives back through this album the credit they deserve while adding in his own personal touch. And yes, those inspirations are very broad, and this is why this album is so captivating. It is made up of so many raw and old school elements while being tied to many much more contemporary styled ones. On this project, Khamari skillfully incorporates an array of elements, spanning from a heartfelt voice note received from his grandfather in his song: “Changing Yourself,”  iconic gospel sampling from Nina Simone in “Drifting,”  to cutting-edge electronic sounds. A real master in balancing poignant lyrical vulnerability and infectious catchiness. A feat that only a few artists have accomplished.

Khamari presents a dynamic R&B masterpiece that brims with unwavering passion and exceptional skill. A captivating quest in which he finds himself at the crossroads of timeless musicality and modern flair. A promising new transcending era for R&B, that many have been longing for since its last icons. Khamari is opening a new curtain that blends classics and novelty, culminating in a multi experiential listening session. 

Full disclosure, I’ve said earlier that I went through the album once top to bottom, but it’s actually been on repeat for way longer. Now that I’m wrapping up this article, I just realized, it’s been through at least four times. I’ll let you do the math. And yes, I thought it was still one song playing. 


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