King Ivy Comes through with Dreamy “Take My Love”

Ian Hansen

One of my favorite new artists in this anti-pop lane right now is Brisbane’s King Ivy. He had an explosive month of February and for valid reasons. He has a charisma that is infectious and a delivery that I can’t get enough of. His recent release “Take My Love” adds to an already blossoming catalog.

This follows a diverse sonic palette of singles such as “Complicated,” taking more of a groovy funk route, while “Paranoid” has hints of 70s soul with R&B. “Take My Love” is an energetic pop-punk inspired song with rumbling guitar riffs and beautiful harmonies throughout.

King Ivy creatively incorporates taking love for granted in the chorus with this filtered falsetto that is soothing to the ears and nostalgic to the heart. King Ivy keeps pushing boundaries in the early stages of his career and can’t be put in a box.

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