Kygo Does What He Wants, Plans to Perform Atop the Sunmore Alps

The massive Sunmore Alps is typically home to daring skiers, but on March 4th, it’ll be home to one of the undisputed kings of EDM. Kygo is planning to livestream an event from the snowy mountaintop in his parent’s home country of Norway, performing countless chart-topping hits propped up behind a piano.

Since the release of Golden Hour, Kygo has taken a back seat as other producers dilute the product with innumerable livestream events. As a matter of fact, Kygo has only hosted one livestream event since Golden Hour. Some assumed this hiatus was the calm before the storm, and that the pop-EDM star would be making a big splash soon. Well, grab your towels, because splash he did. Kygo took to Instagram to announce the show, writing, “Due to the pandemic I know I haven’t been able to perform for you guys and wanted to create a special show so we can still feel connected.” We’re certainly happy you’re back, Kygo. Live From the Sunmore Alps will be shown via Moment House, and tickets go on sale this Friday, Feb. 10. One thing is for sure, Kygo better bundle up for this performance. See you there.

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