LA-based duo VOILÀ Channels a Tangible Passion in Their Latest Release, “Therapy”

Audrey Brandes

LA-based duo, VOILÀ, has granted us two singles – both showcasing the group’s passionate poetics and signature pop-rock production. Combining sonic elements that are both fresh and nostalgic, the pair of songs are soulful break-up anthems –perfectly catchy and emotional.

The title track “Therapy,” escalates from somber and melodic string plucking into an all-out cathartic display, complete with raspy vocals and aggressive electric guitar. The lyricism and delivery dance back and forth between melancholic and enraged, encompassing all the feelings that come along with the demise of a relationship. Opening with a gentle, “Ring once, ring twice, guess you’re not picking up your phone,” that feeling of confused disappointment is tangible. But soon thereafter, that disappointment blossoms into an impassioned soliloquy, singing, “You messed me up when you cut me loose, I’ma need some therapy,” with the electrifying build up taking the song to new heights.

The other track on this release, “Drinking with Cupid” has that same rage as its counterpart, with a catchy edge. The alt-pop side of this duo shines on this track, showcasing hazy vocals and tantalizing beats. VOILÀ has mastered the ability to capture a complicated rage in tandem with mesmerizing melodies and production –it hurts, but it’s so good that you can’t turn away.

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