LAUNDRY DAY Share Their Outstanding Single, “Moved On”

Olive Soki

As any person irrationally devoted to musicians would know, there is usually a period of inactivity that follows a new album and its consequential tour. Depending on the artist's process and the success of said album, this lull could go on for years at a time — Frank Ocean is a great, and unfortunate, example of this fact. Luckily for LAUNDRY DAY fans, the five-piece always seems to have something new and exciting up their sleeve. Just this year they've released a debut album, which was followed by a tour, and a couple miscellaneous tracks. Successfully topping off their perfect streak, the band have offered up their latest gem, “Moved On.”

Known to have an impressive musical wingspan, the NYC collective have effortlessly borrowed elements from classic R&B (circa 1990 and 2000) producing an incredibly smooth and groovy track. Staying relatively in line with this direction, “Moved On” also employs a subject matter commonly referenced in the genre: love lost. Navigating a break-up the same way you would a pothole ridden road — by putting significant effort into avoiding the holes only to, later on, give into them and let nature take its course — the single sees them go through the motions of cautiously breaking things off with a significant other.

Beyond lyricism, there are various instrumental and vocal aspects of the track that contribute to its standout status. Incredibly rich and buoyant the bassline is one of many details that truly embody that nostalgic R&B spirit in a contemporary and alternative way. Close behind is, of course, the bridge. In true Joni Mitchell “Circle Game” fashion — where Crosby Stills & Nash were credited for their backing vocals as “The Lookout Mountain United Downstairs Choir” — the band enlisted some of their fellow New York creatives to embellish the track (namely Matilda Marigolds, Jaswiry Morel, and Dwany). The final product being an incredibly enticing ensemble of harmonies you simply cannot help but promptly join in.

Following up on the release of their last single “Back to Blonde,” LAUNDRY DAY continues, without fail, to prove their devoted following right, peak onlookers interest, and develop their craft in unpredictably beautiful ways.

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