Lil Baby Wants Basketball Rematch With Quavo and Jack Harlow After Social Media Jokes

Noah Schwartz

Lil Baby wants another shot to compete against Jack Harlow and Quavo in a basketball matchup. Earlier this month, the rapper and 2 Chainz went up against Harlow and Quavo in a celebrity basketball game for Bleacher Report. Although Chainz carried the team for most of the game, Baby fell way short of expectations.

Countless shots blocked and many air balls later, Quavo and Harlow took a 21-7 victory. Lil Baby also said that a “guy like Jack Harlow” couldn’t beat him in anything, which didn’t age well at all after his performance on the court. Baby then went on Twitter to defend himself, writing, “Been put down that basketball to go see what the field like.” Weeks later, on Instagram he said, “Give me three months Im setting one of these up !!, Y’all got em fucced up.” Lil Baby wants to run it back up and it’s hard to believe that he’ll be able to get much better in just 3 months of practice while balancing his rap career.

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