Lil Keel Can’t Be Put in a Box on Recent EP, 'Nocturnal' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

I don’t even know how to put Lil Keel into a specific genre because of how well he thinks outside of the box. His recent EP, is a prime example of this, as he brings otherworldly production and crazy drum bounces.

The intro, “Symbolic Faces,” is the perfect way to start a project, as it begins feeling like a hard rock track then progresses into a new wave drill type of song. “Carrier,” takes more of an ambient feel with experimental piano melodies, crazy flows from Keel, and hard hitting 808s. “Cocky,” takes more of a traditional trap direction, but Keel steals the show with his infectious flows over dreamy leads and bouncy melodies.

Songs like “DND,” showcase his versatility even more, as it takes more of a hyperpop route, as Kee brings his melodies to life. The project is full of solid rapping, fun beats, and a variety of sounds. Lil Keel has a knack for going against the norm and has a bright future ahead of him.

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