Lily Fitts Utilizes TikTok to Get Noah Kahan’s Attention on “Stick Season” Cover

Noah Schwartz

Nowadays, everyone is aware that TikTok is the primary platform you need to be using consistently to draw attention to whatever you’re trying to promote as a creator. It’s simultaneously easier than ever to grow a fanbase due to this powerful platform, but it’s also just as hard to stand out because of how accessible social media is for everyone – and for this reason, overly saturated. The x-factor in my opinion is figuring out ways to differentiate yourself from the rest.

In this case, Lily Fitts caught my attention for two reasons: Her careful selection of popular songs to do covers on, but also her voice is almost impossible to scroll past when you hear it on your “For You” page. Her version of “Stick Season” by Noah Kahan went absolutely insane, accumulating 1.8M views and counting. Not only did almost two million people see and hear her beautiful rendition of the record, but one of those people viewing it was Noah Kahan himself. Kahan duetted Lily’s video with text saying “such a satisfying beautiful voice with genius lyrics” which went on to get 1.5M + views. Perhaps only in the glory days of YouTube could an artist with no music out, (virtually overnight) get the attention of millions of listeners, including the very artist that inspired the cover performance in the first place.

As of now, Lily Fitts doesn’t currently have original music out yet – but she’s been singing, and playing the guitar and piano for years now. Every time she posts a cover, I’m genuinely excited to tap in. It will be cool to see how she capitalizes on this special moment moving forward.

@lilyfittsmusic my version of stick season - @noahkahanmusic 🤍#ReTokforNature #stickseason #foryou ♬ original sound - Lily Fitts
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