Madhouse Seeks the True Meaning Of "Happiness." in New Single

Dylan Gore

Madhouse, the Toronto native dropped his new euphoric single today, titled: “happiness.” From the first line, he immediately sets the tone – putting the title of the song into a different light. Despite the name, the aura is different, not necessarily sad, but clearly there is more than meets the eye. During the hook, the story begins to unravel. Throughout our daily trials, we most always seek “happiness,” and that feeling is rarely easy to attain. I didn’t search for this emotion off the bat before listening, but immediately felt it when I pressed play. Madhouse sings, “Happiness is hard to find, but I got a one track mind right here,” and allows his soothing melodies to guide you through the seemingly endless chase for satisfaction.

Along with the lyrics and vocals, the production by 4nghts is incredible and the two live in perfect harmony. After asking Madhouse about his inspiration behind the song he said, “It’s kind of me putting my coins in the wrong happiness bank – doing things that I think are gonna make me happy, but just basically going through the motions.” He continued to define happiness as “a state of mind where you’re free of any negativity holding you back. It’s just letting go and being in the moment.” I’m excited to see what Madhouse has in store for the future, but in the meantime, treat yourself with his new single “happiness.” below.

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