Madison Beer Releases New Single “Home To Another One”

Ben Wego

Madison Beer just released her first single of 2023 titled “Home to Another One," a track off her upcoming sophomore album titled SILENCE BETWEEN SONGS (out September 15th). Her silky and passionate vocals have shined on R&B and pop glazed tracks like “Selfish,” “Hurts Like Hell,” and “Stained Glass” but now she is taking a new creative direction with her latest release “Home To Another One”, a spacey and modern psychedelic pop infused track with a catchy hook "Call me, Baby / I know you go home to another one / I know you hate me / It’s okay, boy, you’re not the only one" that rings like a Tame Impala track mixed with a sugary Lana Del Rey coating.

Beer takes inspiration from vintage 60’s space culture (NASA, Star Trek, etc.) with aliens and spaceships in the track’s music video to accompany its ethereal and otherworldly aesthetic. The pop artist has alluded to vintage pop culture themes in her discography before with tracks like “Reckless" – which will appear on SILENCE BETWEEN SONGS and “Tyler Durden” – off of her first project As She Pleases.

It’s captivating to witness the direction Madison Beer is taking with her sound. What makes her such a distinguishable artist is not just her soulful voice but also her indisputable ability to blend influences from her favorite artists and pop culture allusions into her own music that adds an extra layer of ingenuity to her artistry. “Home to Another One” is a promising introduction to the anticipated SILENCE BETWEEN SONGS with potential insight into the album’s innovative celestial sound.

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